Let’s Talk About All Those Annoying Facebook Post…

You know what I’m talking about. The post on Facebook where your “friends” try to sell you stuff. Some people it bothers others can just scroll past and not think twice. Which one are you?

Me personally, I’ve done a lot of personal growing over the last three years. Let me say I use to be the girl that would get annoyed of repetitive post and be jealous that I didn’t have the life they were portraying. I do understand finding a product you believe in and sharing it with your friends. I do want to see others succeed and be happy. But looking back I’m not sure if the old me would understand that.

You see I was a pretty happy and positive person before I made a decision that would alter the course of my life. I admittedly made this decision to just make some extra cash and so I wouldn’t regret not trying… luckily for me and my lack of research I landed with an incredible company. Believe it or not there are more bad companies than good out there. Which results in the industry itself getting a bad name.

Money was something I planned on making but what I didn’t plan on making was new friendships, finding myself, figuring out my life has so much more of a purpose than just living, and digging down deeper in my faith. Everything I just stated wasn’t something I thought I needed. I was so wrong.

I went on to have great success in the company and it allowed me more free time. It allowed me to completely relocate and to continue having an income. It allowed me to drive a luxury car and luxury vacations. But who I have become and what I’ve learned about myself is worth so much more than any of that. But my point is I wouldn’t have learned that if I hadn’t taken a friend up on this opportunity. I was taught about personal development. Something I was completely clueless to before. I learned in order to better others around you, you have to better yourself first. Sharpen your axe.

As you’re reading through this post the pictures you are seeing are all things that would not have happened if I didn’t read into those annoying Facebook posts more. I met an incredible woman and her husband with an awesome group of kids they help lead. Which little did I know befriending her would drastically change the course of my life again. (See post https://champagnehurricane.wordpress.com/2017/10/04/blog-post-title/)

Moving on the next pictures are of my new vehicle and my old odometer. I needed a new car a long time ago but had no idea how I was going to afford one. Earning a car bonus changed that.

The amount of time freedom I have to go be spontaneous, go on a weekend adventure or when I moved away I had time to come back home and see family and friends. Now that my friends are close to having babies it allows me to work around their schedules and help out and not miss out on this new chapter of their lives. I get to be present. One day when I have a family of my own I’ll still get to be present. I won’t have to pick and choose which of their events I’ll have to miss. I’m building a legacy now.

The time freedom has allowed me to try new things too! I got to try my hand at bar tending for a while. No it wasn’t as glamorous as I’d imagined. I’ve been able to run an online boutique. And I get be a traveling hair stylist and see my clients in the comfort of their home. These are all things that wouldn’t have been possible before.

I can’t put a price on my time freedom. It’s something I’d always longed for but wasn’t sure how to obtain it. I wouldn’t trade my journey for anything. The advice I can give you is if you see your friend posting about his or her business on Facebook or other social media be supportive. Give them a “like” or an “I’m proud of you.” If you’re curious on having time freedom for yourself I’d definitely look into direct sales. But PLEASE do your research! Find a good company that doesn’t have any “gotchas.” There are few but they do exist. As always if you have any questions I’m a open book! Don’t forget you can be anything you choose to be a live the life you truly want. You just gotta go for it!

Xo Kylie


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