Convinced I Found A Hidden Gem

Since moving back to Indiana I’ve been setting lunch dates like crazy to catch up on everything in life I’ve missed since moving away for a year. I like to try new places when I can but being away and not having access to my favorites has caused me to stay in my comfort zone and go out to eat at the places I’ve missed.

Well let me tell you what.. a few weeks ago one of my best friends asked me to try this Japanese place with her. Her husband wasn’t up for trying it out. I said “sure let’s do it.” I wish you could have seen the look on my face when I pulled up. Yes it was clean but wasn’t one of those places you thought to yourself.. yes! Let’s go in this tiny strange house and eat foreign food!

We walked in and we were greeted with a warm welcome. They sat us in a cozy corner and brought us hot towels to clean our hands before our meal. The menu wasn’t large and I had no idea what to expect. I saw bento box on the menu and thought ok I know what that is. So I ordered the teriyaki chicken bento box with miso soup and “spicy sauce” on the side for my sushi. (I have a slight obsession with condiments, the more options the better.)

The miso soup came out first and was the perfect temperature! Good start I thought. Miso isn’t a hard soup to master but I’ve had some not so great ones. This one was great. Right when we finished our soup our bento boxes were brought out. We opted for the fried rice too.

Let me tell you it was way better than I ever thought it would be. Picture doesn’t even do it justice. So good it’s even on my list of favorite must have places! We’ve been back twice and they did not disappoint. The sushi tasted so fresh, the tempura on the chicken was perfect and the sauce and rice were great too! Best part is it’s very very affordable. We both ate for well under $20 each time! If you haven’t tried this hidden gem you definitely must! I cannot wait to go back! Here’s their location and make sure you check the hours before you go! Ichiban Noodles 8355 bash st indianapolis in 46250. If you’ve been before or after you go drop your thoughts in the comments! XO Kylie


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