Feeling Grateful is a Choice

Many times its easier to be grateful when life is easy. Everything seems to be going your way and if you’re lucky its going better than you could have imagined. When this is the case its easy to wake up bright eyed and bushy tailed and thank God for the life He’s given you. If you’re this way and seem to only be grateful and express gratitude during the good times I do not blame you one bit. In fact I can relate. This is usually me.

Ive always heard you need to be grateful in every season of your life but its easier said than done. Hearing it and actually doing it are two different things and feelings… shocker I know. Lately I’ve been going through a personal struggle of how to turn my passion into a reality and make a living at it. I understand brewing ideas turning into reality does not exactly happen over night. Like you may hear often you need valleys in life to enjoy the peaks. If you didn’t have to sail through rough water then you wouldn’t appreciate navigating through calm seas. All of this has been embedded in my brain for the last few years. But this morning might be the first time I have ever been and felt grateful for my current struggle in life. I was driving home from the airport very early and a calming voice tugged at me. I know I am going through this struggle for a reason. I need to embrace where I am at in life and enjoy this journey I am on. I may not know the reason now but someday I will.

I’m confident it will eventually line up with my passion and become a testimony. I can’t have a testimony without a test right? Maybe you’re in a similar place that I am. Maybe you’re not and you are on the upswing. Either way I encourage you to wake up each day with a grateful heart.. YES that was cliche but oh so true. I was able to give thanks and praise this morning for where I am in life and actually truly mean it from my heart. It has made the world of difference in my day. When you give thanks and praise of a morning it makes you focus on what you do have. It helps you see the areas in your life that God is working in. The best part of that is when God is working something exciting is about to happen! Don’t believe me? Just try it.

Are you struggling with a job? Relationship? Maybe just feeling in a slump? Try writing out in a journal or even on the notepad on your phone.. write the date and one thing you are grateful for that has to do with the area you’re struggling in.

Example 10/13/2017 Today I am grateful I have 3 areas where I generate income or 10/13/2017 Today I am grateful I have awesome friends or 10/13/2017 Today I am grateful I am going through xyz situation because I will now know how to help someone else through this situation.

Okay enough examples haha you get the idea. Try this for a month and you might be surprised at how your outlook or your situation changes. If you’re the praying kind pray through it too along with writing it down. That way you will be able to see how far you’ve come and where God has been working the past 30 days. I hope this little nugget helps you out in life. It’s often your outlook and reaction to a situation that dictates if its an ordeal or an adventure. I don’t know about you but I would sure love to have a life filled with adventures.

PS I used pictures I have taken from nature because it’s so humbling to me. How could you look at these or experience the ocean or a gorgeous sunset and not get a sense of gratefulness to be living the life you have been chosen to live 🙂

xo Kylie


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