Why There’s No Place Like Home

I’ve always felt like a gypsy. From the time I got my first taste of adulthood by paying for my own vacations then it started to seem like I was living out of a suitcase and always going somewhere. This life isn’t for everyone. I found myself more comparable to a tumbleweed than a tree. I didn’t feel my roots were firmly planted anywhere. More like I just went wherever the wind blew.

Maybe it’s that I’m getting older or maybe it’s finally getting an answer to my prayers. After blowing in the wind for so long I’ve realized where home is. Though I don’t believe home is necessarily a place, I’ve finally realized home for me currently is in Indiana. Even though I’m still not quite settled and have no mortgage or rent to my name. It sometimes is hard to feel relaxed.

I wouldn’t even say home is where all your earthly belongings are either. It’s not where mine are and often makes me question if I truly need anything other than clothes on my back and a comfortable bed. When I finally got “home” after a luxurious free vacation at a 5 star resort in Mexico. I realized how much I missed the feeling of home. Having a freshly washed face and climbing into a comfortable familiar bed made me so thankful for home. I had a wonderful time in Mexico surrounded by some great friends. I enjoyed an ocean front room with a massive king bed and views of mountains. It was beautiful and luxurious and for some people that’s life. I thought it was always the life I dreamt of too. But arriving home last night made me realize I’d been wrong.

I don’t need incredible luxurious vacations. (I won’t ever complain about free ones either!!) but what I crave is new adventures and new experiences with a little slice of home. Home is in Indiana. I want a small place to call mine to come back to so I can reflect on the adventure I just took. A place to breathe and feel the gratitude of the life I’ve been given. I want to take it all in before I set out on another adventure and do it all over again. What’s home for you? Is home a person or a place to you? It’s taken a long time to figure out but for me it’s both. If you haven’t found home yet keep on roaming and praying. You’ll find it soon enough if it doesn’t find you first.

xo Kylie


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