Why Do We See Turning 30 As A Bad Thing?

I’m guilty of it too. Saying if I’m not married or have kids by the time I’m 30 I’m a failure. The closer I get to 30 (56 weeks away) the more it pains my heart to see people dreading it and thinking the same way I thought. I got news for ya!! Age is just a number! If you fixate on it you’ll dread every birthday and how dumb is that?! Birthdays are YOUR day to celebrate YOU!

Ha so clever.

My friends can attest that no matter what age I am I will ALWAYS celebrate my birthday and always drag them along! Even after 30. The party may get smaller or we might just add kids who knows but either way we shall celebrate! Am I anywhere where I thought I’d be in life by now? No. There are so many things still on my life to do list it’s comical. Are they gonna be marked off before 30? Nope. Would I change anything? Heck no. It’s all part of my journey. My 20’s have been filled with fun, adventures, lots of growth and lots of lessons. I may have taken the long way around and that’s ok!

Are you past 30 and still have goals and dreams?! AWESOME! Guess what? You still have time. We all need to have somewhat of a plan for all these great things we want to do. There’s a saying that goes, “goals are just dreams if you don’t have an expiration date.” While that’s true you may want to think about it this way… finding a soul mate and having kids isn’t exactly something you can rush. Don’t put an expiration date on your forever. Other goals and dreams you may have could be purchasing your first home, backpacking Europe, a Hawaiian vacation, living debt free to name a few. Those are the kind of goals that need a plan of action! Those things aren’t just going to happen haha unless you’re extremely lucky.

So why do we keep using age as a benchmark? If I’ve learned anything in my 20s it’s how to live the rest of my life to the absolute fullest. I’ve learned from trial and error and how to set and obtain goals. Start using your birthday as a time to celebrate all your accomplishments. How much have you grown in the last year.. mentally. How many bucket list items did you check off? How many lives did you impact in a positive way? Then cheers to your next year of life and all the great things you plan to do! Life is all about your mindset. So start living and be excited about it! Oh ya and celebrate your birthday!!! It’s YOUR day! Cheers πŸ₯‚

xo Kylie


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