You’re Not Suppose To Play It Safe

It’s something we often do without even knowing because it’s instinct. Let me start at the beginning. Over the summer I began running outside. Two things I hated: running and running outside. I was lazy and didn’t have a treadmill keeping me on pace. Running outside meant uneven terrain and not knowing how far I was going (before gps tracking and fancy phone apps) or if I’d have enough energy to make it back. I will now tell you (thanks to running apps) running outside is one of my favorite things. It gets my mind moving too and is often extra time I get to spend with God and experience all the beauty he created.

During the warm spring and summer weather that’s all fine and dandy and it’s easy to praise God while running because to me everything is beautiful. But as the seasons change my running attire and routes have changed. The other afternoon I ran and it was 40 degrees Fahrenheit and a drizzly rain. As I was running past a tree bush mix I heard an animal rustle in the leaves. I looked over and thought man it’d be nice to be under some shelter right about now. In that moment it hit me. Life isn’t about being comfortable. Christianity isn’t about being comfortable. We weren’t made to knock on deaths door safely.

When I was little I assumed being a Christian meant I was safe from harm and meant my future was safe. The older I get and the more experiences I go through I see now how wrong I was. I even assumed as an adult in a Christian relationship and keeping God number one that I would be safe from any kind of uneasy emotions. Once again I was wrong. It does make me realize though that a safe life is something I want no part of. I don’t want to constantly wake up each day and walk through life feeling secured in bubblewrap knowing nothing can harm me, everything will go my way and I’ll die of old age. Where’s the adventure in that?!

Over the last 6 months I’ve noticed anytime I’ve gotten comfortable or content… God decides it’s time for a change up. There’s always something that makes me get back on my toes (or knees if you will) and realize I’ve drifted slightly off course of keeping him number one. I need God every single day. As wonderful as things seem when life’s going great I realize the point I’m at in life is I get too comfortable with smooth sailing. When I get comfortable I forget I’m not the one manning the sails and directing the waves. That my friends is a problem.

I’ve decided I’m done playing it safe. I would prefer a life of adventure. Enjoying the journey every step. I don’t want it easy and predictable all the time. I want to be out in all the elements. On the front lines. Because I truly want to live. I want to live this life until it’s bursting at the seems. It’s time to make an impact. Where are you at? Are you comfortable with your life and with your faith? Is comfortable where you really want to be?

xo Kylie


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