Comfort Zones are Overrated

It’s totally true! I know they’re called comfort zones because they’re comfortable and trust me I’m all about comfort. But I’m here to let you in on a little secret… life is so much better outside of your comfort zone! Here’s why:

When you’re not in your comfort zone you’re forcing your body and mind to grow. Growth is good. It’ll take you places mentally and physically you never thought possible. Why on earth would you want that, you may ask. Well, because as great as a comfort zone is your body and mind get in routine. When you’re in routine you become numb to life and your surroundings. When you become numb you stop living! So I’ll ask you this, what’s the point of having a life if you aren’t going to live it?!?!

Over the past 4 months I’ve been living outside of what I thought was my comfort zone. I’ve always had an adventurous mindset but life was becoming very routine for a while and lack of actual social interaction unless it was via technology. I knew this wasn’t how I was meant to live but I didn’t know where to start either. Once I moved back to my hometown I wanted to branch out and meet more people outside of my usual social circles so I didn’t fall right back into the same routine I was in before I left.

(Travelled outside of the country and roomed by myself)

I am so glad I met people who pushed me out of my comfort zone. People that were once strangers are now new friends. I’m so grateful for all the new experiences I’ve had. If you’re wanting to get out of your comfort zone there are several things you can do. It’s just going to depend on what your comfort zone is. For me.. I hated mornings, I hated group workouts (mainly because I was self conscious), I loved the idea of meeting new people and being social but would fear I’d clam up or say something totally stupid due to nerves. I’m not saying I dove in head first but I was invited to a super early morning group workout. Where everyone is super welcoming and friendly.. they even hug.

(I forgot to mention my first workout was 80s themed.. nothing like meeting new people in a leotard.)

Remember I said I hated mornings and group workouts? I also like quiet time and personal space until I get woken up completely.. talk about a big push outside my comfort zone. But I can promise you it was so worth it! I took another big step and did a group workout in my hometown this week and I know lots of these people from high school. Haven’t seen many in almost 10 years. But it was so nice to reconnect and know I not only pushed myself physically I pushed mentally too.

(Questival Adventure Race all over downtown. New places and new friends)

Let’s talk about one more thing I hate.. cold weather. I usually start to get in a seasonal funk this time of year because I love summer so much. Just getting back from a beach vacation the winter blues are usually at an all time high. Something is different about this year. I’m learning to embrace the seasons and all they bring and actually somewhat secretly excited about it.. I can’t believe I just wrote that! Ha so those early morning workouts I started.. yeah they’re outside. I’ve made lots of growth lately.

I share this because I want to inspire you. If you’re in a funk it’s possible to be pulled out. There’s always that one friend you have that does something you wish you could do or they always invite you to something and you always say no because the thought of it makes you uncomfortable. Next time say yes! Don’t think about it just do it. It will feel very uncomfortable at first and that’s ok. Don’t give up on yourself. If you want to achieve something different in life you HAVE to DO something different. I think once you get the hang of it you’ll start craving new adventures and experiences. When that happens you’ll feel a shift in many areas of your life. And that my friends is called living!

xo Kylie


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