Why Did I Start a Blog?

Great question. If we’re Facebook friends you may know why. If we are not you’re probably clueless. After going through some major life changes (see other blogs) I felt like I had a story I needed to share. If I were to put it all on video it would have taken too long. Maybe woulda been a bit more entertaining but when it’s longer than a Stephen King movie who’s really gonna watch it? I know unless it was a horror flick I wouldn’t.

I don’t consider my life a scary movie at all. If anything it’s entertaining. When I look back through my life at the journey I’ve taken and see pieces to the puzzle it makes me chuckle a bit. I’ve definitely taken the scenic route in life. Which is odd because typically I like to get where I’m going and get there fast. When you don’t pay attention to the road signs and you’re just driving where you feel like it and you ignore your GPS. There’s a good chance you’re gonna get lost! I certainly did.

I hope this blog is entertaining, helpful, and makes you reflect a bit more on your own life so you don’t get lost quite like I did. I hope this allows you to reflect and find your purpose much sooner too. Life is a precious gift! While sometimes the roads we take are longer than others I hope you can find time and a way to enjoy the journey as well! Not all of my blogs are about faith but a fair amount are since my faith is something I hold near and dear. You’ll find some of my other interest too. Traveling is a huge passion of mine along with helping others. Still working on a way to merge those two. You’ll also find some food post since well I love food.

Often times I write directly what I’m thinking straight from the heart. Sometimes it’s because I feel someone out there needs to read it other times I know deep down I’m writing it so I can go back and reference it in a time of need or when I need a reminder. In school I wasn’t much for reading or grammar. I’m sure it shows through some of my writing but that’s not the point haha. Over the last 3.5 years I have started to feed my brain knowledge from books. Book that have helped me develop into who I am today. Books that challenged my relationship with God and made me crave a bigger better relationship than what I had. Which ultimately led up to a big life change. So then I began blogging. See how full circle that was?! I hope you take some time to read the things I’ve written as I hope maybe it’ll help someone else. Thank you guys for the support! I appreciate it more than you know as this is way out of my comfort zone!

xo Kylie


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