A Change in Heart

I’ve been pretty vague on what I actually do for a living but if you’ve followed me or this blog then you’re probably aware I run three businesses. Well I did until now. I am a licensed cosmetologist, run a partnership with an international anti-aging, health, and wellness company and I also run an online and in home clothing boutique. Like I said until now.

This past spring I was looking for an alternative source of income because at this point in my life I didn’t want to rely on one stream of business and I wasn’t actively doing hair. I thought about different ideas and decided well I loved clothes and there’s money to be made there why not start my own boutique. I prayed about it a few times but looking back I prayed about the direction I’d go with it not necessarily starting the boutique. I knew my heart was in a weird transition place as I no longer longed for shopping for senseless things or clothes I didn’t need. Especially because I worked from home and never went out and did anything.

Anyway I decided to go ahead and pursue the boutique. It was more time and start up cost than I planned but it was fun and exciting. I officially got my boutique up and running by the second week of June. If you’ve read my other blog post (my life didn’t turn out the way I planned) then you know the last week of June God told me it was time for a big life change. During the transition I was thrilled to have the boutique. It allowed for extra income until I got my cosmetology career picked back up. Looking back financially it wasn’t the best choice to pursue the boutique on my own since I opened it on a credit card. Face palm. I chalk it up to a learning experience and have no regrets.

As I’ve been back home trying to catch up on life and finances I’ve been praying for the boutique to get off the ground as well as my two other businesses to flourish so I could dig myself out of this debt hole and start to give as much money back as I could. The more I prayed the more I noticed my two other businesses starting to take life again. My boutique had slowed almost to a stop. A book I was reading, “Wild Goose Chase” by Mark Batterson mentioned something along the lines of having too many distractions could be slowing and detouring God’s purpose for your life. At this point I had just started this blog too. I had four things going on trying to make ends meet when really God was trying to get me to let one go.

The more I prayed I began to have my heart tugged because I was selling clothes people didn’t necessarily need just so I could make a profit. My heart has changed dramatically the last few years on materialistic things. I’ve been very humbled and I’m trying to downsize on the things I own. Earthly possessions are not something I need. I’d rather have memories and means to give to those who need it more. In no way am I slamming anyone that sells clothes! People need to feel good about themselves and clothing can give them confidence. I totally get that. You can also be very successful owning a clothing boutique. My heart was just being led in a different direction. I’m so thankful for the support I had and the opportunity to experience running another business. I just know there’s other areas I need to focus my time and money to fulfill my greater purpose in life. I hope this was enlightening to you and if you do have questions about starting or running a boutique feel free to ask. I’m no expert but I’d be happy to share my experience with you in more detail!

xo Kylie


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