I Run…

There’s always a story behind almost everything I do it seems like. I may have mentioned in previous post that running wasn’t always something I enjoyed. Unless it was running to dessert, running away when things got uncomfortable or running my life. I’d always wanted to be an athletic runner but for some reason or another I couldn’t get the habit to stick. When I lived in southern Illinois I was surrounded by beautiful scenery. It still wasn’t enough to get me outside all the time to enjoy it until I began using outside as a distraction for what was going on in my life.

(sunset run in southern Illinois)

I began using the nearby state park as an escape to clear my mind and pray. I used it to just get my dog and myself out of the house. Sometimes you need a change in scenery and driving 30 minutes to the park one way in the early mornings every morning isn’t the best option. So I began getting up early and utilizing the park path in town of a morning. Even though there was always people around I found it easy to just get lost in my thoughts and grow my faith. It was a time I could push myself and really felt the closest to God.

During my transition back home to Indiana I’ve struggled finding a place to run that really helps me connect like I did in southern Illinois. I have a lot more distractions here than I did there so it’s not been as easy to focus on the things I’ve needed to. It’s always easy to make excuses to. I would use the weather as an excuse or not eating the proper nutrition or lack of as an excuse. Even just the typical I don’t feel like it excuse. But something I’ve realized that when you drift off course God always has a way of bringing you back to where you’re suppose to be. That is if you ask him to.

Once I moved back I took a few months off from running. I also gained all the weight back I had lost since I began eating whatever I pleased and minimal exercise. It wasn’t due to laziness really, I was just the happiest I’d ever been. I began to mentally run from the things that got me here without even realizing it. Which is unlike me since I’m very much a doer instead of a talker. Let me explain the difference. Talkers like to talk about the next steps of life or talk about going on a vacation or talk about making a change. Doers actually just do it. Sure doers talk about it first but they actually get up and do something about it. Since I moved back I think I’ve fallen more into the talker category because I felt I had everything I could have ever asked for and doing all the things I felt needed done would come in time.

How wrong I was again ha. I picked back up running as I signed up for my first race ever. A half marathon. Go big or go home right? Being back out running just God, me and the breeze has given me time to readjust my focus. All these things I thought I was suppose to wait on until I was in a better spot (giving back and mission work and volunteering) was actually all the things I’d just been running from. All the little lies I kept telling myself that I wasn’t capable of juggling it all. Or I need to get life settled first or these are things I’m going to do with my spouse when I’m married etc. it’s really amazing and scary to see how easily I could make excuses and run from things that have been placed in my heart. I’m so happy to have people in my life to bring me back to where I need to be.

Morning run view in Mexico

(Morning run view in Mexico)

Do you feel like you’re running from something? Maybe you need an outlet to help you get refocused. Maybe you just need to get the blood flowing. If running isn’t something that interest you at all try to find a hobby that helps you relax and clear your mind. Maybe just start with a walk outside. Or grab a coloring book. If you keep running from life you’ll continue going in circles and what way is that to live? Get out and get some fresh air and get a new perspective. See how life starts to turn around for you. Stop running from and start running to.

xo Kylie


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