Stirred Not Shaken

It seems this blog is starting to have a theme.. I’m not talking about adult beverages either ha. As spontaneous as I like to be in life I also like to have a plan. Does that make any sense? I think what I mean is I like the idea of a constant person or companion. Knowing that’s the for sure plan and we can enjoy a spontaneous life together. The theme that seems to be happening here is things NEVER go how I plan. Even down to my own birthday party every year. Yes, I still throw myself a party or get together every year to celebrate life.

cheers to 26 circa 2014

Something I’ve learned from all of my derailed plans is no matter how bad it seems or feels in the moment, it always turns out better in the end. Better than I could have planned usually. Whether it’s a situation I needed to grow through or a loser I needed to ditch who was holding me back in life. It always ends up being for the best. I’m pretty blessed I was born a dreamer and an optimist. Yet always finding the good in a person typically a male counterpart, has it’s downfalls. I partially blame that for me taking the scenic route in life. Regardless of that I’m very resilient and determined. Also not a bad thing. However, when patience is the hand you are dealt resilience isn’t helpful either.

Through all of these ups and downs life has thrown my way I’ve come to realize one thing. This thing is very important too. No matter what life has thrown at me my faith has not and will not be shaken. Sure, there are PLENTY of situations that has stirred up some worry, fear, and even a little doubt. After all I am human but, no matter what happens I think I’ve finally learned my plans aren’t the greatest like I thought. That’s kind of a blow to the ego. I definitely had some pretty good ideas and plans along with pretty pictures painted up in my head. That’s just not how my life is suppose to be. I’m actually ok with that. My life will be better than all those plans I made. How do I know? I have faith.

Sometimes God gives me little peeks of what’s to come but for the most part it’s blind. I have to remind myself what fun would life be if I knew how everything was going to play out? Pretty sure I’d lose all motivation and snooze my way to the end. I’d start depending on myself again and all of my not so genius plans. (insert sarcastic eye roll) I’ve clearly seen how all those have worked out!

I guess my point of this post is no matter where you are on your journey of life, it could be a peak or in a valley. Do not get discouraged when things don’t go your way. It may seem like a devastating blow at the time or that your heart has been ripped out, torn to pieces and set on fire. Regardless, if you keep your faith strong just remember your plan was derailed because it wasn’t good enough for what you deserve. There’s another plan you should be sticking to that’ll probably take you on a wild goose chase. Which to me, that sounds way more fun than having life completely planned out for what I had in mind. The person you’ll become in that process and the strength you’ll gain will probably amaze you. As it should. You deserve more happiness than the world can provide. Don’t let it make you settle.

xo Kylie


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