I Can’t Make This Stuff Up

This will be entertaining for you.. those of you that aren’t single I’m going to let you in on what it’s like to meet people and date in 2017 at 29 years old. I can honestly say I never thought I’d be having “first dates or first kiss” again. As it seems to be a reoccurring phrase in my blog.. here I am again. Let’s just start by saying how incredibly convenient technology makes it to meet people. This is great for that instant gratification but I fear it also makes it way too easy to have that “on to the next” mentality.

So many apps that let you swipe right or left. Different apps for different things. Want a hook up? Use this app.. want a relationship use that app.. want to get married use xyz app. So many options and so many people all searching for the same things. Someone to love. Someone to be loved by. Or someone to make them feel love. I think since it’s so convenient it’s also so easy to rush into things. Move at a fast pace and the relationship fail at a quicker pace. People don’t take the time to really get to know someone before they’ve decided they’re “Facebook official.” Is that still a thing or am I showing my age? Everything has sped up. What ever happened to slowing down?

Wouldn’t it be nice if you met someone you found attractive and you actually got to know them first before asking to make out with them? Yes some guys ask others just do it. What?! I was shocked too. Call me old school but I’d much rather you be more intrigued with my mind and my heart than just what you see with your eyes. Unfortunately it seems to be a reoccurring thing so I sometimes not so politely say if you ask to make out with me the first date I will leave. So far being blunt has been the best case scenario haha. I’m not making this stuff up. In all seriousness though maybe the convenience factor is playing a role in people not taking dating or relationships seriously.

Relationships do end for various reasons. Maybe he or she wasn’t the one. Maybe you rushed and it was over before it ever even started. Sometimes when a relationship ends it’s not always a bad thing. A friend of mine told me this tonight… “look at it this way. You get to fall in love again. You get to have that giddy feeling and butterflies all over. When you’re married yes of course you love your spouse and still get butterflies from time to time but it’s nothing like when it’s all new.” I just thought wow. Good point. Usually I’m always the one flipping the script and finding the silver lining.

Even though dating is ridiculous these days it does still give me hope. When I read poetry or sappy love quotes on the internet it gives me hope. It makes me dream again. It helps me get an idea of what I truly want and deserve. It makes me come up with my own sappy love quotes. Real love is out there.. you just have to kiss a lot of toads first.. apparently. I always wanted to be a princess when I was little but I thought the whole kissing a toad or a frog to find your prince was a myth. Nope. Turns out it’s real life. I guess I’d rather be adapting to dating again now versus when I’m older. I’d rather take my time now and make sure it’s right. Marriage for me is a one time deal. So I guess it’s good to sift through the good the bad and the ugly to make sure I do find the right man God created for me. It’s been an interesting journey to say the least. Maybe I’ll tell more later but I don’t want to be too Taylor Swifty 😉

Ps quotes and captions for humor

xo Kylie


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