Open Door

You know the cliche saying, “when one door closes another door opens.” While that’s true I think we have that imbedded in our minds so much that we are instantly looking for the next opportunity. Which isn’t a bad thing but sometimes that door isn’t fully closed before you’re out in the hallway crossing through another threshold.

For some reason we are wired to not like waiting in the hallways. We aren’t patient. While I often believe that God closes doors to continue to move us along our path I know he opens doors too. We are in such a hurry I think we assume that if it opens it’s our door. This could be with any situation in life. A job, relationship, a house, etc.

When you think about how a building or house is constructed there is usually a hallway somewhere. I kind of see that like life too. When you leave one area you tend to cross into a temporary space before entering the next room. A hallway isn’t where you spend most of your time but it is necessary to get from one room to another most of the time. But what if we spent more time in the hallway before we walked through the first door that opened?

Would we reach our destination or purpose faster? Life gives you many doors. Sometimes all at once. Instead of just waltzing through the first one you see, don’t you think it’d be better for all parties included if you took a step back and loitered in the hallway and prayed about all your open doors before making a decision? I used to see life like there was no hallway. Going from one closed door to the next open one. The older I’ve gotten the more I realize the importance of a hallway. Waiting in the hallway can be pretty crucial to shaping you for who you’re suppose to be so you’re more prepared when the right door opens.

Trust me the hallway is not the ideal place to hang out but, if it saves you from constant U-turns and detours wouldn’t it be nice to slow down a bit? Just remember… just because it opens doesn’t mean it’s your door.

xo Kylie


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