The Wolf

He is not quite what you see. Let me paint you a picture. On the outside you see confidence. You see a charming person. He’s got life figured out. Beautiful cozy place to call home. The perfect dog. A great career that he’s passionate about. He cares more for his family than one could imagine. He’s not another statistic. He took what most would make excuses for and decided to use that to push him into something better. Something stronger. When you look at him from the outside you feel he’s out of reach as the list of what he is could go on forever.

What you don’t see at first are his scars or the kind heart he has. The sarcasm is so strong it makes you wonder if he’s serious or joking. You’d be that way too if so many people had taken advantage of your kindness. You can’t see his walls are high. That his heart is guarded. You see the leader of the pack. Surrounded by lots of people. Usually lots of laughter follows. He is hilarious. His personality is like a magnet drawing you in.

But You don’t see the anxiety in his mind. You don’t see him second guessing himself. And you wouldn’t. Not unless you looked into his eyes. Not just a look like most people do but really looked and saw his soul and saw him for who he truly is. You only hear a contagious laugh and see a charming smile. You don’t see his past of heartache. You can’t understand why he hasn’t settled down. Or started that family he secretly dreams about. You also can’t feel what he felt every time a new scar appeared. Unless you’ve been through it yourself.

It takes a strong person to recognize one. It takes someone who has been through the heartache and struggle of life to see the depths in his soul. If your heart doesn’t have scars you wouldn’t understand why he is the way he is. What makes him tick and the reasons to his rhymes. You will want so bad to figure him out but you never will. Not until he’s ready.

He is strong and he is dangerous. But just wait until he finds his alpha match. It’ll be like mixing fire and gasoline. You’ll never see a heart burning brighter. He’s not quite what you see. He is so much more. He’s a wolf.

xo Kylie


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