Anyone who knows me knows I’m a free spirit. I always wanted to put my own roots down but always figured I’d do it with my husband and kids. Why? Because I wasn’t sure exactly where I wanted to be and was sure I could live anywhere since I assume my husband would be my definition of “home.” I think I was afraid to commit to a place to live or be because I was afraid putting roots down and missing my divine opportunity to meet my spouse. Crazy how much I’ve let my future husband dictate my life isn’t it.

When I finally let go of trying to control my future and listened to where God wanted me to be I realized I was being called back home. I still wasn’t exactly sure why but 6 months later I’m starting to see the beginning of some threads being weaved together. Prayers that I prayed long before I moved are starting to be answered. After feeling a tug on my heart, for quite some time, to attend a new church I finally pulled the trigger and went alone last Sunday. I had an overwhelming sense of peace and knowing without a doubt this was exactly where I am suppose to be.

Now that you all are aware I don’t believe in coincidences, the sermon that day was on roots. Well played God, well played. It made me see things in a different light. There are so many things I need to do myself to better shape me. As long as I continue on the path God has set before me everything else will fall into place. It’ll be better than I could even imagine too! Since Sunday I’ve been at so much peace and also realizing things that need to be priorities versus things that don’t.. like dating. I’m not closed off to it but I’m not actively pursuing anyone. Bet that’s a surprise since I’m sure you were assuming “The Wolf” post was about a new flame.

Ok back to what putting down roots means for my life now. Roots determine your growth. For being like a tumble weed for so long I actually made some pretty major growth. I think I’m at a point where I’m not going to grow much more or any faster without planting my own roots. You have to grow down before you can grow upwards. I have so much clarity on the desires God placed in my heart that I’m on fire! I cannot wait to continue fulfilling His plan for my life. It’s going to be pretty amazing. Life is too short and you’re too talented to just sit around and wait for things to come to you.

I’ll always have a gypsy soul but now instead of just running to what’s comfortable or something new, it now means I’m running to where I’m called. 2018 is going to be a great year. I can feel it!

xo Kylie


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