When he walks into a room everyone notices. He has that charming smile that instantly makes you feel comfortable. You feel safe even though you should be terrified. He’s just as kind and gentle as he is fierce. He has a way about him that makes you question why you ever thought anyone before him could do his job. He’s lived a lot of life and has the scars to prove it. You’d just never know it because he loves and lives like they aren’t there.

The scars are from his past trials and relationships. He’s learned from them and they have made him into the strong man he is today. He’s surrounded by a pride. Many people have his back and respect him. He is wise. He has a contagious laugh that when you hear it you just can’t help but smile and laugh along with him. He is hilarious. Sometimes you wonder if the sarcasm is real. He’s sure of who he is and he know who he belongs to. He stands firm on his faith, but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t second guess himself from time to time. He’s had a long journey of ups and downs but that’s never stopped him from roaming steadily to his next task. He’s adventurous and loves trying new things. He feels most alive when he’s outside and pouring into others.

He is happy with life but he longs for his lioness. When he finds her it’ll be a spark neither one of them can ignore. More like a firework. He will treat her like his equal. Just like she was made from his own rib. He will appreciate her scars too as he knows they shaped her to be just what he needs. He will treat her with respect and give her a kind of love she has always dreamt about but never knew it really existed. He loves her not just for her appearance and every scar on her flesh but also for her heart and soul. He loves the way her mind works. It’s intriguing to him. She makes him want to be better than he already is for her. She feels the same but he not only makes her want to be better he helps her and encourages her to do so.

He is a leader. Where he goes people follow. Not because they have to but because they want to. There are many prides he’s apart of but he longs for one to call his own. One he can teach and show the ropes to. A pride he can instill his faith in and show them how to be kind and compassionate to others. Despite his charming appearance that might make you wonder if he’s putting on a show, when you look deep into his eyes you’ll see he has a kind servants heart. When you see him he may seem too good to be true. He may feel out of reach. And for so long he was. You see, he’s so much more than a list of must haves. He’s more than I could ever imagine or put into words. He’s not just anyone. He’s a lion. My lion.

xo Kylie


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