Niagara Falls Adventure

I wasn't entirely sure what to expect when I committed to being an adult leader on this missions trip. I've heard mission trips will change your heart if you let it. I've also heard in most cases it's a temporary change. That's another blog in the near future but for now I want to walk... Continue Reading →


As Simple as a Parking Space

I hope those of you that read or follow this blog find it somewhat entertaining. I also hope maybe you get something out of it as well. I feel like since I’ve entered this new season of Uncharted Waters, I’m finding somewhat familiar situations but a different perspective and a different way to handle them.... Continue Reading →


When 3.1 turns into 13.1 you really realized it’s about the journey and the destination is that much more rewarding.

29 and Single

Are you in the same boat? Maybe you’ve abandoned your ship... either way you’re not too far gone to live your best life.

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