When the smoke settles your path is clear.


A Change in Heart

I've been pretty vague on what I actually do for a living but if you've followed me or this blog then you're probably aware I run three businesses. Well I did until now. I am a licensed cosmetologist, run a partnership with an international anti-aging, health, and wellness company and I also run an online... Continue Reading →

Why Did I Start a Blog?

Great question. If we're Facebook friends you may know why. If we are not you're probably clueless. After going through some major life changes (see other blogs) I felt like I had a story I needed to share. If I were to put it all on video it would have taken too long. Maybe woulda... Continue Reading →

Awesome Music Venue

It's taken me a hot minute to write this one but guyssss! I found a sweet little music venue in St. Louis. It's called The Pageant and is in walking distance to the Washington University in St. Louis campus. My favorite thing about this venue is how intimate it feels. No matter where you sit... Continue Reading →

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